Pilot Information

Flight Line Schedule
Open flying will be available on Wednesday for early arrivals beginning at noon until ….
A safety briefing will be conducted Wednesday evening, at a time to be announced, to allow pilots an early start on Thursday morning.
Event hours will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Thursday through Saturday.
Only giant scale, warbirds and classics, are permitted to fly during event hours
Open flying, with no aircraft restrictions, will be allowed after 4:00 pm
During the event and after hoursall personnel, pilots, and crew will be required to receive a safety briefing prior to approaching the flight stations.
Safety briefings will begin at 8:00 am each day and will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the event.  Briefings will be held at the HQ Pavilion.  Flight operations will not be interrupted.

All communication between the air boss and the flight stations shall be preceded by the station number.
Example: “Station 4 is ready to taxi” Station 4 taxi via Bravo, hold short of the runway.

Taxi via Alpha (Bravo) then hold short of the runway – as specified by the Air Boss and as ground traffic allows taxi to point on Alpha or Bravo that allows sufficient runway remaining for a safe departure then hold short of the runway. Advise the air boss when ready for takeoff.

Hold Short – do not cross the runway or taxiway boundary, wait for additional instructions
Example: “Station 6 hold short of the runway”.

Hold your positon – hold at your current positon, wait for additional instructions.
Example: “Station 2 hold your position”

Line Up And Wait – taxi to a takeoff position on the runway and hold, wait for further clearance.
Example: “Station 1 ready for takeoff” “Station 1 line up and wait”

Cleared FOR Takeoff – implement an expeditious departure as determined safe by the pilot in command. (The word “cleared” will only be used for takeoffs & landings)
Example: “Station 2 is ready for takeoff” “Station 2 cleared for takeoff”

Cleared TO Land – complete an approach to a full stop landing as determined safe by the pilot in command. (The word “cleared” will only be used for takeoffs & landings)
Example: “Station 4 is downwind, landing” “Station 4 cleared to land”

Go Around – rescind a prior clearance to land and reenter the traffic pattern.
Example: “Station 1 go around”